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Looking for a solution to a problem with your Google My Business (GMB) listing? You’ve come to the right place. The team at GMB Gorilla is here to help you navigate the digital jungle and resolve any pressing issues you may have with your GMB listing. Our Google My Business Support Service is designed to assist you when you’re unable to get answers or find a solution to your problem on your own. Our experts have experience working with Google My Business representatives and can help you get the resolution you need. If you’re struggling with an issue related to your Google Business Profile, let us lend a hand.

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GMB Profile SUPPORT Service Overview

Looking for a reliable way to resolve issues with your Google My Business (GMB) profile? Our Experts at Google My Business Support Service has you covered.

Our team has experience working with Google to solve a wide variety of profile issues. When you sign up for our service, you’ll be paired with a dedicated expert who will act as your liaison and handle all communications with Google until your issue is resolved. This can save you a significant amount of time and hassle.

As part of our support service, we’ll also optimize your GMB profile for your targeted search phrases and local market. This includes optimizing your profile for the following:

  • Account or Listing Recovery
  • Account Suspension
  • Duplicate Listings
  • One-Time Profile Updates
  • Malicious Profile Edits
  • Verification Delays

If you’re currently experiencing any of these issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you quickly and effectively resolve them.

How Our Google My Business Management Service Works

The  Google My Business Profile Management Service involves 6 steps:

  1. We will gather all necessary information about your business location using our Google My Business Management Service form. This should take around 10 minutes to complete.

  2. Our team will conduct a 100-step audit of your current Google My Business (GMB) listing based on best practices, and provide a detailed checklist showing the status of your listing. If you don’t already have a GMB listing, we will claim and verify one for you.

  3. Based on the audit, your account manager will create a customized action plan to improve your GMB listing.

  4. Our team will then optimize your GMB listing by making necessary updates. Your account manager will keep you updated throughout this process.

  5. Every month, your account manager will manage and promote your GMB profile through posts, Q&A, reviews, spam reports, profile monitoring, and reporting.

  6. With proper management, you can expect to see higher rankings, increased traffic, more calls, and increased revenue within 30 to 90 days of work completion.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase our Google My Business Support Service, you’ll be connected with your own GMB Gorilla account manager. This Gorilla-Certified™ expert will contact you to learn more about your current issue, gather any necessary information, and discuss next steps. In certain cases, we may need managerial access to your GMB profile in order to make edits or resolve certain issues. Your account manager will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.

Next, we’ll do some research and gather additional information about your issue in order to properly create a ticket with Google. It’s important to approach problems in the right way in order to avoid delays and miscommunications that can often occur with Google My Business support. If your issue doesn’t require intervention from Google, we’ll work on creating an action plan to resolve it at this stage.

Yes, after your first month with us, you will receive Posts for approval before the next billing period. You can request edits and we will make any necessary changes based on your feedback. Once approved, the Posts will be scheduled for release throughout the month.

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