Google My Business Profile SETUP

Do you belong to the millions of businesses that do not have a Google My Business listing? If so, our Google My Business Setup Service is for you.

This service is intended for businesses that do not have a robust Google My Business listing and would rather not go through the process of setting one up on their own.

Over the past five years, we have established more than 1,000 listings using a streamlined process that will give your business a distinctive listing among the competition in the digital market.

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GMB Profile SETUP Service Overview

The GMB Gorilla Google My Business Setup Service allows you to work with one of our GMB Experts who will efficiently claim, verify, and optimize your Google My Business profile for higher rankings and greater visibility.

With our Google My Business Setup service, you can trust that your profile will be set up according to industry best practices and current standards.

The service includes the following:

  • Account creation
  • Profile creation
  • Profile verification
  • Profile enhancement and optimization
  • Avatar and cover design
  • Image and video uploads
  • Products and services
  • FAQs
  • Plus one month of Google Posts!

This service provides everything you need to create a high-performing profile without the hassle of doing it yourself.

How Our Google My Business Management Service Works

The Gorilla uses his intelligence and strength to make the GMB profile setup process easy. Our Google My Business Setup Service consists of four steps:

  1. Provide Information about Your Business: Using our Google My Business Setup Service form, you will share details about your business location that will help us create an effective GMB listing. This step should only take about 10 minutes to complete.
  2. Claim and Begin Verification of Your Listing: The next step is to claim your listing on Google My Business using the information you provided, which will secure your profile and prepare it for expert management.
  3. Verify Your Business: We will initiate Google verification to authenticate your listing location and improve your ranking. Your business can be verified through a phone call, email, or postcard, and we will handle all the details.
  4. Set Up Your Google My Business Listing Properly: Once your Google My Business listing is verified, our team of experts will set it up correctly by completing over 100 different steps to maximize growth and promotion opportunities for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can certainly set up your own Google My Business listing. However, just as you may hire a lawyer or accountant to handle legal and financial matters, it can be beneficial to leave the setup of your GMB listing to the experts. We are skilled at creating effective listings that perform well.

Your Google My Business listing will be set up by your account manager, who is a certified Google My Business expert. Your account manager will work with our copywriters and designers to ensure that your profile accurately represents your business.

We offer two options for handling approvals. The first option is to manually review all content, edits, and posts. With this option, we will provide recommendations and await your confirmation before implementing any changes. The second option is to auto-approve based on the professional experience of your account manager. Most customers choose the auto-approve option. In either case, our team is responsible for creating and managing content, edits, and Q&As.

Generally, we can get your listing verified and set up within two to four weeks of receiving your listing information. If you have multiple listings, the process may take longer. However, we have the ability to bulk verify, which can expedite the process for multi-location organizations that want to get a strong start on Google My Business.

While having a Google My Business listing can help drive business, it is important to remember that results are based on the effort you put into managing and promoting your presence. While our service can help, it is advisable to consider ongoing management and promotion to get the most out of your Google My Business listing.

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